Date Time League Season
18 March 2022 8:15 pm LOI Men's First Division 2022

Match Report

Lynch delivers for Bray in Cobh

On a night the ESB brought light to St Colman's Park, a Darragh Lynch strike lit up this delayed Airtricity League First Division encounter, to hand Bray the spoils.

This will go down labelled as a smash and grab from Bray but on reflection they were braver with their substitutions and in truth, goals win games.

Cobh will be left to ponder much as a particularly bright first half went unrewarded.

Their best work coming through Dale Holland in midfield and Danny O'Connell, once again starred in the Ramblers shirt.

Cobh's shift from one striker leading the line, to two up front has brought a more attacking stance to the side. A lack of potency and killer instinct currently the bigger issue for the east Cork side.

Bray's contribution, on the surface, may appear relatively measly but they made it count with 10 minutes from time.

Beineon O'Brien Whitmarsh constantly found his way in behind the high line Bray defence and he had the best of the Ramblers chances with three guilt edged chances in the first half.

Conor Drinan found himself through and forced Bray's Stephen McGunness to pull out a big save.

Danny O'Connell had a penalty appeal waved by referee Eoghan O'Shea in the 7th minute.

Bray looked for a way back into the game with Dean Zambra edging his way into the game while Rob Manley, Vilius Labutis and Zak O'Neill all had relatively soft half chances.

Kevin Knight put in an impressive shift for Bray and he contained the Ramblers wave where necessary.

It was scoreless at the break.  Bray showed a lot more positivity in the second half with stern words a plenty from manager, Pat Devlin waking them up from a first half slumber.Bray have dropped deeper to put the brakes on O'Brien Whitmarsh pace and that probing ball over the top.

The game fell static and flat for a time as Bray held possession but making little territorial advances.

The home side did have chances as Conor Drinan came across from the right-hand side, cut back inside onto his left foot, his shot fails to bend on to target. While Mbayo went close with a header from a corner kick.

The visitors had chances too as Rambers' Keeper O'Donoghue stood tall to deny a counter attack and a long-distance effort.

Entertainment and intensity stakes rose in the final straight as expected with a double attacking substitution proving crucial for Wanderers. Darragh Lynch being introduced instead of Kurtis Byrne, while Callum Thompson replaced Zac O'Neill with 20 minutes remaining. Lynch only needing one clear effort to expose the Rambler rear guard and find the net.

Cobh will be more frustrated of failure to take advantage of their better play and chances, while Bray will be happy to get the job done and leave with three points.

  • 90'

    Bray win. They will be delighted with their second win in a row.

  • 89'

    Free for O'Connell on the edge of the box. Cobh Ramblers need this.

  • 83'

    Nathan O'Connell on for Jason Abbott

  • 80'

    Darragh Lynch finds the net to open the scoring. Strikes from 25 yards out. Gets the strike away. Top corner.

  • 78'

    Darragh Livingston goes close for Bray. Their best effort of the second half.

  • 75'

    Jason Abbott sees yellow.

  • 72'

    Danny O'Connell found his way though after great work by Dale Holland. Shot was saved by McGuinness.

  • 66'

    Kurtis Byrne off Darragh Lynch on Zac O'Neill off Callum Thompson on

  • 66'

    1,240 in attendance in St. Colman's Park

  • 64'

    O'Donoghue stood tall to deny a Bray counter attack.

  • 63'

    Mbayo hit the post with a header from corner.

  • 60'

    The game has gone a bit static and flat. Bray in possession but making little territorial advances.

  • 58'

    Conor Drinan came across from the right hand side, cut back inside onto his left foot, his shot fails to bend on to target.

  • 52'

    Long throws and offsides the story so far for Bray in this second half.

  • 47'

    Bray are looking lively in the start of the second half.

  • 45'

    No changes at the break.

  • 44'

    Vilius Labutis and Zak O'Neill have efforts for Bray

  • 40'

    Whitmarsh again lines up an effort but he fouls on the attempted strike.

  • 34'

    Jake Hegarty off Ciaran Griffin On

  • Stephen McGuinness pulls off a wonderful save to deny Drinan who are again got in behind the Bray defence

  • 32'

    Whitmarsh again fires wide off target after getting in behind the Bray defence. Two great chances in two minutes.

  • 31'

    Danny O'Connell lays off to Beineoin Whitmarsh but it flashes wide.

  • 30'

    Rob Manley turns and gets a half shot away but it never troubles O'Donoghue

  • 28'

    Bray are hunting a foothold in the game. Dean Zambra is showing signs of life on the wing.

  • 20'

    Mbayo receives a caution for reacting to another Ramblers penalty claim waved away.

  • 19'

    Kevin Knight picks up the game's first yellow. Bray are shaky so far.

  • 16'

    Cobh Ramblers have started brightly. Corner for Cobh. Early set pieces haven't been brilliant again. Bray manage to clear.

  • 7'

    Danny O'Connell turns the defender and looks to be brought down for a penalty but the claims are waved away by referee Eoghan O'Shea.

  • 3'

    Both teams celebrating centenary season.

  • It is still very much early days in the league campaign and Bray have remained competitive in their outings with Galway and Waterford.

  • Great night in Cobh. Free entry for home supporters. Game on.

  • Kick off delayed till 8.15pm. Late night incoming...

  • Let there be light, the wisdom of football is ready to set us free.

  • The lights are on in St. Colman's Park, football will be played!

  • The term "rambler" originated from the house's characteristic style of sprawling across a larger plot of land and maximizing facade width, just as the ramblin' man wanders across long distances.

  • A Wanderer: a person who travels aimlessly; a traveller. "he is a longtime seaman, a rootless wanderer"

  • Have you ever wondered the difference between a Rambler and a Wanderer..well wonder no more!

  • Welcome to St. Colman's Park, where in the word's of Whitney Houston.. we have nothing, nothing, NOTHING! We have been hit by a power cut... Bray were warming up but they could not generate the power to start the fire. Free entry before 7.15...but no football so far..

Cobh Ramblers

22Andy O’Donoghue Goalkeeper
2John Kavanagh Defender
4Ben O’Riordan Defender
6Jason Abbott Midfielder 80'
7Danny O’Connell Midfielder
9Beineon O’Brien Whitmarsh Forward
10Jake Hegarty 23 Forward
11Conor Drinan Defender
15Jack Larkin Midfielder
28Dale Holland Midfielder
35Harlaib Mbayo Defender 20'
14Seán McGrath 23 Forward
17Justin Eguaibor Defender
18Nathan O’Connell Midfielder
19James McCarthy Defender
24Issa Kargbo Defender
30Darragh Burke Goalkeeper
23Ciaran Griffin 14 Forward
3Darryl Walsh Defender
27Alan Happi Defender

Bray Wanderers

1Stephen McGuinness Goalkeeper
3Kevin Knight Defender 19'
5Hugh Douglas Defender
8Kurtis Byrne 24 Forward
9Rob Manley Forward
11Paul Fox Midfielder
12Jack Hudson Defender
18Zak O’Neill 27 Midfielder
22Vilius Labutis Midfielder
27Dean Zambra Midfielder
28Darragh Livingston
2Enda Douglas Defender
4Sean Callan Defender
8Karl Manahan Forward
19Dean Casey Midfielder
2Daniel Blackbyrne Defender
20Eoin McPhillips Midfielder
21Conor Knight Midfielder
24Darragh Lynch 8 Forward
27Callum Thompson 18 Midfielder

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St. Colman's Park
Saint Colman\'s Park, Norwood Park, Cobh Urban, Cobh Municipal District, County Cork, Munster, P24 F252, Ireland