Date Time League Season
18 March 2022 7:45 pm LOI Men's First Division 2022

Match Report

Galway deliver win in Athlone

Galway United continued their good start to the season with a 2-1 win in Athlone tonight.

It wasn’t perfect, but two goals in the second half from Manu Dimas and Wilson Waweru were enough for Galway.

A Success Edogun goal five minutes from time made it nervy, but Galway held on.

Somewhat surprisingly, Athlone had some good chances early on. Thomas Oluwa burst into the Galway box just two minutes in and his cross was met by Success Edogun, but his effort went well over.

Just a minute later, an Athlone clearance was met by Edogun, who chased it down and got a shot off. Conor Kearns was quick off his line however and saved his effort.

Wilson Waweru gave Athlone a warning in the 7th minute when he won the ball for his side after catching Athlone attempting to play it out and fed Cian Murphy, but his effort was dragged wide.

Waweru had a good chance himself a few minutes later when Adeyemo headed down a cross to him. Waweru got his shot off with his back to goal, but his audacious effort went just over.

Edogun nearly stunned everybody in the 22nd minute when he got the ball some way out and attempted to catch Kearns off his line. Kearns was forced to backpedal and tip it over, keeping this at 0-0.

Micháel Schlingermann got away with a mistake ten minutes from time when Waweru lofted a through ball looking for Adeyemo. Schlingermann came out to meet it, but missed the ball and gave Adeyemo a good chance to score. His effort lacked power though and Noah Van Geeren dealt with it well.

Ten minutes around the hour mark changed this one. In the 59th minute, Killian Brouder sent a long throw in the way of Manu Dimas. The Spaniard caught the ball perfectly and sent it over Schlingermann with a gorgeous glancing header.

Eight minutes later it was the same old story. Conor O’Keeffe sent a throw in to Waweru, who held off numerous defenders before flicking it in. A superb piece of centre forward play.

A through ball met well by Edogun made it a nervy final five for Galway. In injury time, Athlone bombarded their area with long balls and Kearns flapped a lot at them in nervy fashion, gifting Athlone two separate chances. Athlone couldn’t find a goal however, meaning this ended 2-1.

  • 95'

    Full time. Galway hold on.

  • 93'

    Athlone have a late penalty shout denied.

  • 90'

    5 minutes added on.

  • 85'

    Goal! Edogun pulls one back for Athlone to make the last five minutes interesting.

  • 75'

    In the final 15. Galway seem to have this killed off.

  • 67'

    Goal! Waweru flicks it in following a throw in, holding off numerous defenders. Excellent finish.

  • 59'

    Goal! Dimas meets a long throw in to give Galway the lead.

  • 58'

    Boylan has the ball laid off to him from a free and it's deflected wide. Afterwards, Schlingermann got animated with Habing. The two had to be calmed down.

  • 56'

    McCarthy has an effort blocked by McBride.

  • 50'

    Speculative effort from Kenny is a straightforward save for Kearns.

  • 46'

    Galway get us back up and running.

  • 45'

    Somehow, there's only two. Half time.

  • 45'

    Yet to be a board from the fourth official. If I had to guess however I'd estimate four minutes of injury time.

  • 36'

    Galway hit Athlone on the counter and Waweru lofts a ball over to Adeyemo. Schlingermann comes out and misses the ball, but Adeyemo's effort lacked power and was put behind by Van Geeren. Nothing comes of the corner.

  • 29'

    Duffy puts in a cross to Edogun and he shoots over. Should've scored, truthfully.

  • 27'

    A stoppage after he pulls up again. Caulfield is being forced into a sub.

  • 24'

    Alex Murphy was in some discomfort following the corner. He'll carry on for now though.

  • 22'

    Edogun spots Kearns off his line from some distance and tests him from range. Kearns is forced to tip over. Athlone concede a free from the ensuing corner.

  • 18'

    Rowe sends the effort into the wall and Oluwa tests Kearns again following a counter attack. The effort was straight at Kearns however.

  • 17'

    Galway have a free on the edge of the Athlone area after Van Geeren's challenge on Hurley was deemed a foul. Looked like he got the ball to be honest.

  • 13'

    Adeyamo heads down to Waweru who hits it with his back to goal but it heads over.

  • 7'

    Murphy should have given Galway the lead after being fed by Waweru who dispossessed Athlone following sloppy play. Dargged his effort wide however.

  • 4'

    Adeyamo does the same down the other end but lashes wide.

  • 3'

    Edogun chases down a clearance and gets an effort off, Kearns saves after being quick off his line.

  • 2'

    Oluwa runs at Galway early and puts in a dangerous cross. Edogun can't head it in however.

  • 1'

    Athlone get us underway.

  • Teams are out. Kickoff is imminent.

  • A number of Galway fans have made the short trip up the N6 and are in full voice. They're expecting a big result from their team tonight.

  • There's a tad bit of wind but no rain in Athlone tonight. Conditions shouldn't have an effect on tonight's game.

  • The teams are now in.

  • It's a tale of two very different season for tonight's opponents. Galway look like they can push for promotion, whilst Athlone have yet to pick up a win. That first win would be a very hard get tonight.

  • Hello and welcome to for live updates of Athlone Town vs Galway United, I'm Seán Comber and I'll be updating you on tonight's events.

Athlone Town

16Micheál Schlingermann Goalkeeper
3Derek Daly 31 Defender 41'
4Noah van Geenen Defender
6Jackson Hulme 20 Midfielder 65'
7Stephen Kenny
11Thomas Oluwa Forward
14Success Edogun Forward 85'
18Oisin Duffy Midfielder
19Aaron McBride
22Youri Habing 8 Midfielder
27Cian Kelly Defender
30Andrew Skerritt Goalkeeper
2Daniel Dobbin Defender
8Quincy Nkansah 22 Midfielder
17Sami Clarke
20Gary Armstrong 6 Forward
24Donal Curtin Midfielder
26Cameron Mulready
31Carlton Ubaezuonu 3 Midfielder
12Aaron Connolly Midfielder

Galway Utd

1Conor Kearns Goalkeeper
2Conor O’Keeffe Defender
5Killian Brouder Defender
6Diego Portilla 4 Defender
8Mikie Rowe 7 Midfielder
10David Hurley Midfielder
12Jordan Adeyemo 9 Forward
18Wilson Waweru 19 Forward 67'
22Conor McCormack Midfielder
24Edward McCarthy Midfielder
25Alex Murphy 3 Defender
16Matthew Connor Goalkeeper
3Stephen Walsh 25 Defender
4Charlie Lyons 6 Defender
7Gary Boylan 8 Defender
9Manu Dimas 12 Forward 59'
15Dean O’Shea Defender
19Francely Lomboto 18 Forward
20Evan O’Connor Defender
27Max Hemmings Midfielder

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