Date Time League Season
31 July 2021 4:00 pm LOI Women's Premier Division 2021

Match Report

Athlone grab draw with Waves

Athlone Town managed to grab a precious point visiting the DLR Waves, with the final score at the UCD Bowl marking a surprising 1-all tie, with Jetta Berril and Kellie Brennan on the goal sheet.

This was ultimately a tasty draw from the visitor’s point of view, as they leave the bottom of the table handed over to Cork and come closer to Bohemians after their defeat earlier this Saturday against Wexford.

The Blues left exposed the huge difference in quality between both teams for most of the show, but the Town resilience paid off with a penalty claimed and converted by substitute Brennan in the second half.

Berril was eager to impress early in the proceedings, but she failed to connect herself to Abril Brierley’s cross just with the goalkeeper to beat. 

Berril found the right move to break the locker shortly after, by sending home a perfect cross sent in by Catherine Cronin. 

Waves kept coming looking for a safer result via Fiona Donnelly’s long shot, forcing Abbiegayle Ronayne to go down to stop it. 

Contrasting with Eve Badana’s afternoon, Ronayne was called to action consecutively; She held the Town to the game close to the break denying Avril Brierley the 2-nil.

The Dubliners brought the same face for the 45 minutes and came close to double the score at early doors.

Jessica Gleeson forced Ronayne to slap away a dangerous ball from a freekick in the first minute after the break, before sending a firm header wide off the post.

Athlone's best moment arrived passing the hour mark, with Jessica Hennessy and Roisin Molloy coming very close to beating Badana. 

The key for Badana’s goal was on Kellie Brennan’s right boot, as the substitute got tackled inside of the box and herself found the back of the net from 12-yards.

Graham Kelly’s girls kept looking for a late goal that never came, with the final whistle blow confirming Athlone Town’s returning home with a deserved point pocketed in.

  • 90'

    FT: DLR Waves 1-1 Athlone Town. There must be a felling of two points dropped by the Dubliners, and a precious point grabbed by the Town.

  • 90'

    Four additional minutes added.

  • 71'

    And herself found the back of the net from the 12-yards.

  • 70'

    Kellie Brennan gets tackled inside of the box and the referee blows the whistle for a penalty!

  • 62'

    Roisin Molloy’s long-range effort gets brilliantly solved by Eve Badana.

  • 60'

    Jessica Hennessy replies perfectly to a cross in from a corner as her header goes off very close from the post.

  • 55'

    Lovely ball in from the right by Katie Burdis and Jess Gleeson meets it with a firm header that veers just wide of the post

  • 50'

    Shauna Peare sends in a cross from the left but Eve Badana deals with it easily.

  • 46'

    Jessica Gleeson forces Abbiegayle Ronayne to slap away a dangerous ball from a freekick.

  • 46'

    We are back for the second half.

  • 45'

    HT: DLR Waves 1-0 Athlone Town.

  • 45'

    1 minute of additional time.

  • 44'

    Abbiegayle Ronayne chests Avril Brierley’s shot from close range.

  • 36'

    Katie Burdis looks for Avril Brierley inside of the box as she can’t rotate to fire it home.

  • 25'

    Roisin Molloy brings a shy attempt through Athlone’s right wing as her cross gets blocked immediately.

  • 22'

    Fiona Donnelly’s long shot forces Nicole Keogh to go down to stop it.

  • 17'

    And almost naturally Jetta Berrill changes the score as she sends home a perfect cross sent in by Catherine Cronin.

  • 13'

    As expected it is the Waves who started the proceedings looking to bring an early change in the score; A sequence of long balls, however, have found no success so far.

  • 2'

    DRL Waves very close to start matters the best way possible! Avril Brierley looks for Jetta Berril inside of the box as she missed to connect herself with the ball just with the keeper to beat.

  • 1'

    We are underway at the Belfield Bowl.

  • The red flag keeps flying in the Athlone Castle, as they remain stuck to the bottom of the table, sharing the hot spot with Cork City and under pressure for pocketing points in their visit to the capital.

  • Waves took a punch to the stomach two weeks ago when Rebecca Cooke’s late goal confirmed Shelbourne’s 2-1 win, and they now look to return to solid ground as soon as possible to have a say in the run at the top.

  • Good afternoon and welcome to the live coverage of the clash between DRL Waves and Athlone Town. My name is Bernardo Santos and I’ll let you know about all of it as the action happens at the Belfield Bowl.

DLR Waves

18Eve Badana Goalkeeper
2Nicole Keogh Defender
3Katie Burdis Defender
5Jessica Gleeson Defender
6Fiona Donnelly Midfielder
7Rachel Doyle Midfielder
8Ciara Maher Defender
11Catherine Cronin Midfielder
16Avril Brierley Midfielder 29'
22Jetta Berrill Midfielder 17'
24Niamh Barnes Defender
1Rugile Auskalnyte Goalkeeper
9Kerri Letmon Forward
10Katie Malone Forward
12Niamh Prior Defender
15Kate Mooney Forward
17Oleta Griffin Defender
20Carla McManus Forward
21Jane McKevitt Midfielder
25Shauna Carroll Midfielder

Athlone Town

1Abbiegayle Ronayne Goalkeeper
2Fiona Owens Defender
5Chloe Flynn Defender
6Muireann Devaney Midfielder
11Laurie Ryan Midfielder
13Kelsey Munroe Defender
14Roisin Molloy Midfielder
19Laoise Ó hAodha 10 Midfielder
20Jessica Hennessy Midfielder
21Emily Corbet Forward
24Shauna Peare
8Kayla Brady Midfielder
10Kellie Brennan 19 Forward 71'
17Aife Haran Midfielder
23Ava Dolan Forward
15Lucy Jayne Grant Forward
50Niamh Coombes Goalkeeper


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UCD Bowl
UCD Bowl, Greenfield Park, Greenfield, Roebuck, Clonskeagh-Belfield ED, Dublin, Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown, County Dublin, Leinster, D04 XT65, Ireland

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