Fixtures & Results

DateMatchTime/ResultsCompetitionMatch Day
Kildare v Westmeath Leinster Senior Football ChampionshipSemi-Final
Derry v Monaghan Ulster Senior Football ChampionshipSemi-Final
Dublin v Meath Leinster Senior Football ChampionshipSemi-Final
Wicklow v Waterford Tailteann CupPreliminary Round
Wexford v Offaly Tailteann CupPreliminary Round
Leitrim v Antrim Tailteann CupFirst Round
Cavan v Down Tailteann CupFirst Round
Kerry v Limerick Munster Senior Football ChampionshipFinal
Longford v Fermanagh Tailteann CupFirst Round
Sligo v London Tailteann CupFirst Round
Roscommon v Galway Connacht Senior Football ChampionshipFinal
Carlow v Tipperary Tailteann CupFirst Round
Laois v Westmeath Tailteann CupFirst Round
Derry v Donegal Ulster Senior Football ChampionshipFinal
Dublin v Kildare Leinster Senior Football ChampionshipFinal

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