Date Time League Season
20 August 2021 7:45 pm LOI Men's First Division 2021

Match Report

Cabo and Cork draw at Stradbrook

Late drama at Stradbrook left it all square between Cabinteely and Cork City, with the final score 2-all with both teams scoring two goals on each half.

The gold was on the bench for Cabo, as the substitutes Eoin McPhillips and Ben Feeney came on to confirm the spoils sharing in a very emotive show between two sides tied-up with the same 22 points.

A disappointing outcome for the Rebel Army as they wasted a two-goal lead to a direct opponent and still see Athlone Town running away after their 1-all win facing Galway.

The initial shaky start gave place to Cork’s superiority, settling their trenches on the offensive half. Barry Coffey came out as the first to try Harry Halwax with a shot from the edge of the box as he saw the keeper dealing with it nicely.

At the back of Cian Murphy, the score was changed; Halwax struggled with the clearance and the man in form for the Rebel Army sent it home easily.  

Close to the break, Cabo’s defensive troops made it easy once more for the visitors, reacting to a long pass with offside calls that never got answered. Murphy the opportunist came up with a precise cross, finding Alec Byrne at the back post as he put it past the keeper with an easy finish.

The side from the capital came on aggressive for the second 45 minutes looking to put themselves back on track, with tremendous results inside the last 10 minutes, courtesy of two men coming on from the dog out.

After a first warning saved by Mark McNulty, Eoin McPhillips turned a cross into a fantastic finish rekindling the flame for the hosts. Ben Feeney followed his steps as he found enough space to send home the final equaliser in the 90th minute, crowing a tremendous second half performance, and punishing the visitors who trusted too much on the two-goals lead.

  • 90'

    FT: Cabinteely 2-2 Cork City.

  • 90'

    And the late drama might me confirmed as the substitute Ben Feeney found the back of the net for Cabo!

  • 83'

    And out of nowhere Eoin McPhillips puts Cabinteely back in the game, as his cross ended up at the back of the net.

  • 66'

    The substitute McPhillips tests Mark McNulty with a close-range shot, with the keeper clears it out for a corner.

  • 60'

    Passing the hour mark and either goalkeeper is yet to be tested in the second half, as there has been a furious battle in the middle.

  • 51'

    Cabo came on aggressive for the second 45 minutes looking to put themselves back on track.

  • 46'

    We are back into the second half.

  • 45'

    HT: Cabinteely 0-2 Cork City as the Rebel Army goes for the break with a deserved lead.

  • 41'

    2-0 for Cork City! Cian Murphy finds Alec Byrne at the back post with a precise cross as he put it past the keeper with an easy finish.

  • 38'

    Dylan McGlade skips two opponents with a brilliant play, as he saw his shot going off inches away from the bar.

  • 35'

    Keith Dalton tries to chip Cork’s keeper from the 35-yards, with the ball headed off for a corner by the defense.

  • 29'

    And the score in changed by Cian Murphy tanking advantage of Harry Halwax tremendous mistake. Cabo’s keeper struggled with the clearance and the man in form for the Rebel Army sent it home easily.

  • 26'

    Darragh Crowley with an audacious out from the 30-yards as he saw his shot going off always rising.

  • 22'

    Coffey send in a strike from the edge of the box, dealt nicely by Harry Halwax.

  • 20'

    20 minutes gone with arguing moments all over the place; It is obvious the importance of these three points.

  • 9'

    As expected we’re seeing two teams with intentions to start their plays out from the back, typical of dominating sides.

  • 7'

    Dylan McGlade with an immediate reply cutting inside from the right wing, as he saw his shot slapped off by Harry Halwax.

  • 3'

    Vilius Labutis brings the first effort up front for Cabinteely with an acrobatic effort as he couldn’t connect himself with the cross.

  • 1'

    We are underway at Stradbrook!

  • On the other side will be a group enjoying a different scenario; four goals guaranteed the Rebel Army three important points meeting the neighbours Cobh Ramblers at Turners Cross, extending to six their unbeaten run.

  • Cabo goes through an absolute storm with nine out of their last 10 duties sealed with losses, as the fans despair for a reaction that might keep alive the promotion dream.

  • The sides are tied up with the same 21 points pocketed in so far, and there’s no room for mistakes if they want to still have a word for the Premier Division playoff spots.

  • Good night and welcome to the live coverage of the clash between Cabinteely and Cork City taking place at Stradbrook. My name is Bernardo Santos, and I’m the man in charge for telling you all about it.


25Harry Halwax Goalkeeper
2Daniel Blackbyrne Defender
3Kevin Knight Defender 33'
4Jack Hudson Defender
7Keith Dalton Midfielder
8Zak O’Neill Midfielder
10Kieran Marty Waters Forward
12Niall Barnes 20 Midfielder
14Jack Watson 34 Midfielder
15Eoin Massey Midfielder
16Vilius Labutis 22 Midfielder
1Adam Hayden Goalkeeper
5Dan Tobin Defender
6Alex Aspil Midfielder
20Eoin McPhillips 12 Midfielder 83'
21Jay Nwanze Defender
22Dean Casey 16 Midfielder
29Jem Campion Forward
33Mitchell Byrne Defender
34Ben Feeney 14 Forward

Cork City

1Mark McNulty Goalkeeper
3Ronan Hurley Defender
7Dylan McGlade 11 Midfielder
8Cian Coleman Midfielder
9Beineon O’Brien Whitmarsh 23 Forward
14Barry Coffey 33 Midfielder
16Alec Byrne Midfielder 41'
17Darragh Crowley Forward
18Joshua Honohan 5 Defender
24Cian Murphy Forward 29'
25Gordon Walker Defender
5George Heaven 18 Defender
10Steven Beattie Forward
11Cian Bargary 7 Midfielder
13David Harrington Goalkeeper
15Dale Holland Midfielder
20Paul Hunt Goalkeeper
23Sean Kennedy 9 Midfielder
26Jamie Wynne Forward
33Aaron Bolger 14 Midfielder

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