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1 May 2022 4:00 pm Ulster SFC 2022

Match Report

Ulster SFC: Derry take deserved win over All-Ireland Champions Tyrone

Derry defeated 13-man Tyrone at Healy Park this afternoon to send the Red Hands out of the Ulster Championship in a shock victory.

Brian Kennedy was red-carded for Tyrone on 26 minutes and Derry subsequently went up the field and won and scored a penalty in the game's crucial moment, with Tyrone failing to score for the rest of the half.

The Red Hands improved in the second-half but Derry were able to go toe-to-toe and a second-yellow for Conor McKenna late on sealed Tyrone's faith.

The Oakleafs set the early pace with points from Conor Doherty, Niall Loughlin and Ethan Doherty helping the visitors take an early lead.

Cathal McShane hit back with a free shortly after while late Tyrone change Conor McKenna notched the Red Hand's only first-half point from play in the 12th minute.

Conor Meyler had a great chance to get a goal for Tyrone but he hit it straight at Derry 'keeper Odhran Lynch, who was able to block the effort away.

Derry remained the dominant side with Benny Herron, Conor Doherty and Gareth McKinless adding to the visitors' tally, though a Cathal McShane free and Niall Morgan 45 kept the O'Neill County in touch.

Niall Loughlin got off the mark with a free, scoring the first of his seven points in the 26th minute, which was to be a crucial timestamp.Tyrone midfielder Brian Kennedy won the ball from Niall Morgan's following kick-out but he was unhappy with the attention he was receiving from Gareth Mckinless and lashed out with a kick at his opponent, earning him a sending-off.

In the next play, Derry went up the field, and with Paul Cassidy running down on goal, Peter Harte brought him down to hand the Oakleafs a penalty.Shane McGuigan put it away and another point from the forward before half-time saw Derry go into the break up 1-8 to 0-4.

There was no Tyrone resurgence in the next half, though the side improved their scoring they were left open to being countered by Derry's ferocious pace.

Another Niall Loughlin free opened scoring while a Darren McCurry point and Darragh Canavan free was returned for Tyrone.Tyrone goalkeeper Niall Morgan had pushed up to midfield for his opposite number's kick-outs all game but with Derry dominant in the air, he was left to scramble back to his net on a number of occasions as the Oakleafs charged forward.

A Benny Herron point and Loughlin free was answered by another Darragh Canavan free on 50 minutes, but Tyrone could not gather any momentum as they were left to reply to Derry's constant scoring.

Two Darragh McCurry points were swiftly nullified by scores from Shane McGuigan and the visitors pushed further ahead with points from Loughlin and an Emmet Bradley mark.

Ronan McNamee got Tyrone's last score from a 64th minute free before Conor McKenna was sent-off after he received a second yellow after throwing the ball at an opponent in frustration.

With the reigning Ulster champions down to 13 men with five minutes to go, Loughlin added two more points followed by another from McGuigan to hand Derry their first win in Ulster since 2015 to progress to an Ulster Semi-Final.


1Niall Morgan Goalkeeper 21'
2Michael McKernan Defender 10'
3Ronan McNamee Forward 64'
4Padraig Hampsey Defender
5Rory Brennan 22 Defender
6Frank Burns 11 Defender
7Niall Sludden Forward
8Conn Kilpatrick Midfielder 58'
9Brian Kennedy Midfielder 26'
10Conor Meyler Forward
21Conor McKenna 12'
17Peter Harte Defender
12Kieran McGeary Defender
13Darren McCurry Forward 41', 51', 57'
14Cathal McShane 15 Forward 8', 15'
16Lorcan Quinn Goalkeeper
15Darragh Canavan 14 Forward 43', 50'
11Michael O’Neill 6 Defender
18Niall Kelly Defender
19Cormac Munroe Defender
20Johnny Munroe
22Ben McDonnell 5
23Joe Oguz Midfielder
24Michael Conroy
25Nathan Donnelly Forward


1Odhran Lynch Goalkeeper
2Christopher McKaigue Defender
3Brendan Rogers Defender
4Conor McCluskey Defender
5Conor Doherty Defender 4', 16'
6Gareth McKinless Midfielder 18'
7Padraig McGrogan Defender
8Conor Glass Midfielder
22Niall Toner 9 Forward
10Paul Cassidy 19 Forward
11Shea Downey Defender
12Ethan Doherty 18 Forward 7'
13Benny Herron 21 Forward 14', 43'
14Shane McGuigan Forward 27'
35', 50', 56', 70'
15Niall Loughlin Forward 6', 26', 39', 46', 60', 68', 69'
16Conlan Bradley Goalkeeper
9Emmet Bradley 22 Forward 61'
17Paul McNeill Defender
18Ben McCarron 12 Defender
19Padraig Cassidy 10 Forward
20Anton Tohill Midfielder
24Declan Cassidy Defender
26Enda Downey Forward
21Lachlan Murray 13 Forward
23Matthew Downey
  • 70'

    Full-Time. Derry deserve their 11 point victory over 13-man Tyrone at Healy Park. The first sending off in the 26th minute was crucial and Derry's scoring ensured they were never in any trouble after that.

  • 68'

    Loughlin fists over his first from play!

  • 67'

    Niall Loughlin free

  • 65'

    Conor McKenna now sent off for Tyrone for throwing the ball at an opponent - second yellow for McKenna sees Tyrone down to 13 men

  • 64'

    Tyrone point

  • 61'

    Emmet Bradley wins a mark and raises the white flag

  • 60'

    Niall Loughlin scores another free

  • 58'

    Conn Kilpatrick booked for a foul on Brendan Rogers

  • 58'

    Emmet Bradley booked for a high shoulder

  • 57'

    Mcguigan and McCurry frees at either end

  • 51'

    McCurry does well to put over the free

  • 51'

    Niall Toner booked for a foul on the onrushing Darren McCurry

  • 50'

    Shane McGuigan off the left

  • 50'

    Derry win a free at the other end- the Oakleafs are getting something from every attack

  • 50'

    Seven point game as Canavan boots over another free for Tyrone

  • 48'

    Brendan Rogers goes wide for Derry - Tyrone will need a goal or two to get back in the game at this stage

  • 46'

    Loughlin again - his fourth from a placed ball

  • 46'

    Ronan McNamee fists it to the Derry keeper in hope of finding a teammate- Derry counter at fierce pace as Morgan is yet again forced to sprint back to goal - Derry win a 45

  • 43'

    Benny Heron returns a point for Derry as they break at pace - Niall Morgan rushing back to his goal after he came to midfield for the Derry goal-kick

  • 43'

    Sub Darragh Canavan puts the free over

  • 42'

    Tyrone with a bit of momentum now - Conor Meyler wins a free close to goal

  • 41'

    McCurry gets a long-awaited score for the Red Hands

  • 39'

    Great long-range score from Niall Loughlin from that free - Derry lead by 8

  • 38'

    Derry working the ball, win a free in the Tyrone half

  • 37'

    McGrogan's effort drops wide

  • 35'

    Darragh Canavan and Michael O'Neill replace Frank Burns and Cathal McShane for Tyrone at Half-Time

  • The game is back underway at Healy Park!

  • 35'

    Shane McGuigan points for Derry - now a 7 point lead for Derry as half-time is called

  • 34'

    McKinless wins a free after a late challenge

  • 33'

    Shane McGuigan goes wide with Derry's second wide of the game - also the second since going a man up

  • 32'

    McKinless blocks down McShane's attempt and wins a subsequent free

  • 30'

    Niall Toner goes wide with Derry's first of the game

  • 27'

    Shane McGuigan scores low to the right with his penalty

  • 27'

    Derry go up the other end and win a penalty

  • 26'

    Huge moment as Brian Kennedy sent off for Tyrone for lashing out at his marker with his leg

  • 26'

    Loughlin adds another free

  • 24'

    Conor McKenna booked

  • 24'

    Derry free-in, the Oak Leafs have been the stronger side so far

  • 23'

    Niall Morgan manages to collect Conor Doherty's high ball

  • 21'

    Niall Morgan kicks over a 45, all bar one of Tyrone's scores have come from placed-balls

  • 18'

    McInnes scores another for Derry

  • 16'

    Monster score from Conor Doherty for Derry, scoring each time they get forward

  • 16'

    Tyrone keeper Niall Morgan pushing up to midfield on Derry kick-outs

  • 14'

    Odhran Lynch makes a big save as Conor Meyler looked in on goal

  • 14'

    Excellent Benny Heron score as Derry keep the scoreboard ticking

  • 12'

    Darren McCurry point puts Tyrone within one

  • 10'

    McKernan booked for a foul during the derry kick-out

  • 7'

    Ethan Doherty returns one for Derry

  • 7'

    Cathal McShane outs over a free for Tyrone

  • 6'

    Loughlin points

  • 6'

    Derry free-in

  • 5'

    McCurry fists off crossbar, Derry come away with it

  • 4'

    Ethan Doherty puts Conor Doherty through for Derry's first point

  • 4'

    Ethan Doherty puts Conor Doherty through for Derry's first point

  • 2'

    Shane McGuigan short for Derry

  • 2'

    Frank Burns goes wide with the first attempt of the game

  • 1'

    Play under way in Omagh!

  • Kick-Off approaching at Healy Park as the teams parade!

  • Tyrone will be gunning for their second Anglo-Celt in a row this season while Derry have not won an Ulster title in over 20 years

  • Tyrone have already beaten Fermanagh in the Championship, while today will be Derry's first of 2022

  • Teams are in!

  • Hello and welcome along to coverage of the Ulster Quarter Final between Tyrone and Derry at Healy Park. My name is Jack Joy and I'll be taking you through this evening's game. Throw-In is at 4pm!


O'Neills Healy Park
Healy Park, Gortin Road, Omagh, County Tyrone, Ulster, Northern Ireland, BT79 7HX, United Kingdom

Jack Joy is a journalism student at Dublin City University