Date Time Competition Season
5 June 2022 4:00 pm Tailteann Cup 2022

Match Report

Tailteann Cup: Cavan edge Fermanagh in Ulster derby

In the end it was all too easy for Cavan as they booked their place in the semi-finals of the Táilteann Cup with nine points to spare over neighbours Fermanagh.

The Ernesiders will rue missed chances in the opening half as they kicked five wides in a row before the break when Cavan were reduced to 14; Padraig Faulkner was black carded.

Cavan made the perfect start; with 17 seconds on the clock Thomas Galligan found the back of the net. They got a second goal in the 25th minute through Faulkner before he was black carded.

The second half was dominated by Mickey Graham’s side and Fermanagh struggled to get back into the game. Gearoid McKiernan and Ray Galligan scored late points for the Breffni men.

Cavan opened up a six point lead after eight minutes with Galligan and McKiernan on target. Fermanagh’s opening point came from Ryan Jones in the ninth minute. The deficit was cut to just two points in the 22nd minute when Sean Quigley fired over his second free of the game.

Fermanagh were dealt a blow three minutes later when Galligan set up Faulkner for Cavan’s second goal. The Kingscourt man was black carded in the 29th minute but Fermanagh were unable to make use of their numerical advantage as they trailed at the break 2-05 to 0-07.

Cavan made a fine start to the second half and kicked over four points in a row with Paddy Lynch firing over two frees. Fermanagh’s first point of the second half didn’t arrive until the 51st minute when Quigley hit over a free.

Killian Brady was black carded in the 51st minute but once again Fermanagh couldn’t use the extra man to their advantage. Quigley kept the scoreboard ticking over for the Ernesiders but they couldn’t eat into Cavan’s lead. 

A point from McKiernan in the 66th minute extended Cavan’s lead to nine points. Quigley was on target again hitting over a free and a point from play but McKiernan scored two points at the end to seal a fine win for Cavan and a place in the final four.


1Sean McNally Goalkeeper
2Garret Cavanagh Defender
4Luke Flanagan Defender
17Ultan Kelm
5James McMahon Defender 16'
6Richard O’Callaghan 25 Defender
7Declan McCusker 21 Defender
8Ryan Jones Midfielder 9'
9Joe McDade 11 Midfielder 19'
10Josh Largo Ellis Forward 41'
12Aidan Breen Forward
24Ryan Lyons 23 Forward 20'
20Stephen McGullion 13
14Daragh McGurn Forward 25'
15Sean Quigley Forward 13', 22', 27', 51', 53', 60', 67', 72'
3Jonny Cassidy Defender
13Ciaran Corrigan 20 Forward
11Conall Jones 9 Forward
16Cian Newman Goalkeeper
18Oisin Kelm
19Lorcan McStravick Forward
21John Reihill 7
22Kane Connor
23Garvan Jones 24
25Ronan McCaffrey 6
26Shane McGullion


1Raymond Galligan Goalkeeper 64'
3Padraig Faulkner Defender 23'
4Killian Brady Defender
5Jason McLoughlin Defender 36'
6Killian Clarke Defender
7Conor Brady Defender
8Thomas Galligan Midfielder 1'
4', 11', 28', 52'
9James Smith 23 Midfielder
10Oisin Kiernan Forward
11Gearoid McKiernan Forward 7', 8', 56', 68', 72'
12Gerard Smith Forward
14Paddy Lynch 21 Forward 42', 49', 54'
19Cian Madden 13 Forward
20Ciaran Brady 15
22Niall Carolan 2
15Cormac O’Reilly 20 Forward 61'
2Luke Fortune 22 Defender
13Martin Reilly 19 Forward
16Gary O’Rourke
17Benjamin Kelly
18Chris Conroy Defender
21Michael Argue 14 Midfielder
23Oisin Brady 9 Forward
24Ryan O’Neill Forward
25Thomas Edward Donohue
26Jack McKenna
  • 72'

    Quigley get his 8th of the game

  • 72'

    A fifth point for McKiernan

  • 68'

    A fourth point for Gearoid McKiernan

  • 67'

    Another score for Quigley

  • 64'

    Raymond Galligan with his fist point - a free

  • 62'

    Daragh McGurn with a point

  • 61'

    Cormac O'Reilly with a point

  • 59'

    Sean Quigley with his 6th free

  • 59'

    Thomas Galligan gets booked

  • 56'

    Gearoid McKiernan with his third point

  • 56'

    Paddy Lynch with a free

  • 55'

    Sean Quigley with another free

  • 52'

    Thomas Galligan with a point

  • 51'

    A second black card for Cavan - Killian the gunner Brady

  • 51'

    Quigley with another free

  • 47'

    James Smith is booked

  • 46'

    Declan McCusker is off

  • 46'

    John Rehill is on for Fermanagh

  • 45'

    Conor Brady with the point

  • 42'

    Free from Lynch

  • 41'

    Josh Largo Ellis gets booked

  • 25'

    Joe McDade off

  • 25'

    That blood sub seems to be a full change now

  • 40'

    Killian The Gunner Brady blocks Ciaran Corrigan's effort

  • 36'

    Jason McLoughlin with a good point

  • 36'

    Ciaran Brady

  • 36'

    Cormac O'Reilly on for Cavan

  • 35'

    Half-time here in Brewster Park and it's Cavan who lead by four points.

  • 34'

    That's now five in a row for the Ernesiders. They're rushing their shots

  • 33'

    Fermanagh have kicked four wides in a row. Kieran Donnelly will not be happy.

  • 31'

    Both sides guilty of poor wides and shot selection

  • 29'

    A black card for the Cavan man

  • 28'

    Thomas Galligan fists the ball over the bar

  • 27'

    A third free for Sean Quigley.

  • 25'

    Daragh McGurn with a point for Fermanagh

  • 23'

    Cracking finish from Faulkner. Thomas Galligan did the hard work

  • 22'

    Sean Quigley with a second free. Two between the sides now

  • 20'

    Raymond Galligan has kicked three wides. Not like the Cavan netminder

  • 20'

    Yellow for Ryan Lyons

  • 19'

    Good point from Joe McDade. That's 3 points in a row for Fermanagh

  • 19'

    New jersey for Gearoid McKiernan, he got a tear on the last one.

  • 17'

    Former Fermanagh manger Ryan McMenamin is now part of the Cavan backroom team

  • 16'

    Good play from Fermanagh and a fine effort for James McMahon

  • 13'

    Sean Quigley with a free. He opens his account

  • 13'

    Stephen McGullion off

  • 13'

    Ciaran Corrigan on

  • 12'

    Fermanagh have kicked 4 wides so far

  • 11'

    James Smyth to Thomas Galligan and he has 1-2 already

  • 9'

    Ryan Jones gets Fermanagh's opening score

  • 8'

    Another point for McKiernan to open up a six point lead

  • 7'

    A fine point from Gearoid McKiernan

  • 4'

    Gearoid McKiernan to Thomas Galligan and a fine point

  • 1'

    Thomas Galligan from the throw-in. Great start to Cavan

  • Fermanagh have three changes too and they're now in the system. Ultan Kelm, Ryan Jones and Stephen McGullion start in place of Jonny Cassidy, Conall Jones and Ciaran Corrigan. Cavan's changes are Cian Madden in for Luke Fortune, Ciaran Brady for Martin Reilly and Niall Carolan for Cormac O'Reilly.

  • A number of changes for Cavan.

  • A place in the last four of the new competition is at stake. It's an Ulster Derby, so anything can happen.

  • The last time these two sides met was in Division 3 North last year, Fermanagh won by one point.

  • Fermanagh defeated Longford in their opening game while Cavan had a fine win over Down.

  • It's the last of this weekend's Táilteann Cup ties. Fermanagh and Cavan meet at Brewster Park in Enniskillen. I'm Deniese O'Flaherty and I'll be taking you through all the action.

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